Electrical Service Upgrades

Are you planning an expansion of your home or business? The electrical service you have now may not be adequate to handle the expansion or addition of new equipment for your business or mechanical systems such as central A/C, a new electric oven/range or a hot tub in your home.

Remember the electrical panel in your home or place of business is the first line of defense in protecting the wires used to deliver electricity safely for your use.

At Elite Electric Inc., we use the highest quality electrical equipment for safety as well as property protection! Safety is always our first priority!

If your electrical service panel is old and needs replacing, and your residential service is less than 100 amps, you will be required by law to upgrade to at least a 100 amp service. You should consider installing a 150 or 200 amp electrical service. This will allow you or the next owner the ability to expand and customize the residence as you or they see fit and is a wonderful selling point!  The most common residential electrical services installed now are 200 amp.